Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What fuels Trump's high approval ratings?

His approval rating is 35 percent or so. 
It ought to be closer to zero.

The blow-up over the weekend regarding Donald Trump Jr. and his apparent encouragement of Russian operatives to meddle in the U.S. election—I love it!, he exclaimedis amazing on a couple of levels.

Little Don must be stupider than a sack of manure. How can you get caught negotiating with avowed Russian operatives offering to tamper with the U.S. elections, and then confirm it over a string of emails? One move is patently illegal, the other incredibly dumb.

Opponents are talking, again, about a smoking gun that will lead to impeachment, resignation or some other finale to the Trump nightmare, but I'm not holding my breath.

No matter what Trump says or does, Republicans in Congress are loath to raise their voices because they need him to get their long-delayed legislative agenda implemented, apparently no matter the collateral damage inflicted on the long-term prospects of the party or the country.

More baffling still is Trump's steadfast support among a minority but rock-solid segment of the voters.

Bible-thumping, God-fearing, family-values evangelicals? Why do they back someone as morally compromised as Trump, who lies as casually as he breathes without regard to other people's reputation or the effect his mendacity might have on the country? Tolerating or ignoring Trump's behavior for the sake of getting abortion banned, or other religious agenda implemented?  

People frustrated by the liberal Eastern elites' alleged control of the media and the government? The White House now brims with billionaires, starting with Trump, whose economic and cultural interests have nothing in common with unemployed coal miners or the retired guy working as a greeter at Walmart in Peoria to make ends meet.

The so-called Republican health care reform in particular would be a massive wealth transfer to the wealthy through tax cuts while undermining or abolishing programs to help lower income Americans have access to basic health care. Why would those folks support Trump, unless they are suicidal?

If America's foreign policy and standing in the world worried you, you should be terrified now at Trump's astounding, embarrassing, ignorance of foreign affairs, and his unrestrained admiration for Russia's Putin, a world-class thug.

And did I mention that Trump often acts as if he's mentally ill, particularly in his thermonuclear reactions to the slightest criticism? Some psychiatrists supposedly are working on a book about that.

Yet that thirty-five  to thirty-nine percent bloc of Trumpistas remain unshaken and blame the whirlwind of chaos surrounding his presidency on lies by the media, liberal conspiracies and other externals.

I certainly would not dismiss them all as bumpkins or raving racists. I know several Trump supporters who follow the news and can defend their opinions. Bless their hearts, as they say in Texas.

Yet I must think the center base of Trump's support has to reside in the gut, rather than the brain, of his supporters, people that resent having been ignored for too long and see him as their chance to finally bang their fist on the table and be taken seriously.

Even then, I don't understand how Trump's erratic behavior could address their grievances unless this is all an exercise in ranting for ranting's sake.

Add to that others that have been deservedly marginalized, such as the white supremacists and extreme right-wing nuts now coming out from under the rocks, and it's a scary stew.

I've heard both liberals and conservatives lament that "this is not going to end well." I'm starting to believe it.  


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