Monday, July 6, 2015

And can you do Hava Nagila in Spanish?

Undocumented Mexican immigrants in the U.S. are nothing if not versatile. They can mow the grass in Long Island, pick apples in Michigan, work in slaughterhouses in Iowa and Minnesota, clean houses in California, and perform a myriad other job Americans don't want to do.

They do all that and more, while earning less than Americans would demand to do the same work. Add insult to injury, too, in the person of Donald Trump.

In New York City, during this year's Gay Pride Parade, Mexicans showed up in yet another line of work—mercenary protesters.

Hmm, you don't Jewish at all.  
The New York Times, and the Daily Beast, an internet magazine, and other news organs, reported that a Brooklyn-based Orthodox Jewish group that opposes gay marriage, and gays in general, hired Mexican day laborers to show up at the Gay Pride Parade and hold up anti-gay placards.

In an interview in the Times, one Heshie Freed, who identified himself as a member of the Jewish Political Action Committee (JPAC), explained that, "The rabbis said that the yeshiva boys shouldn't come out for this because of what they see at the parade."

Mexican immigrants are good stand-ins; they probably didn't even know what the signs said.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, last year JPAC also hired Mexican day laborers, dressed up as Orthodox Jews, to hold up signs protesting the participation of gay groups in the Israel Day Parade in New York.

In fact, JPAC seems to be a phantom, one-man band, with no street address, and its leader, Heshie Freed, a crackpot that goes by various aliases.

Whatever. Heshie got his fifteen seconds of notice by the New York media.

Mexicans should not take this latest humiliation in silence, though. For next year's Cinco de Mayo, they ought to put together a mariachi band made up of Orthodox Jews, just to hear what "Cielito Lindo" sounds like in Yiddish.


Daily Beast

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