Saturday, July 11, 2015

Show me your dinero!

Folks sometimes complain about real estate agents and their advertising being more than a little bit misleading, unnecessarily convoluted or maybe a lot misleading.

I found this big sign on one of San Miguel's main boulevards, leading to the center of town. It's a banner about six by ten feet, professionally done. The seller doesn't mince words, though he doesn't sound like the kind of schmuck I'd like to rent from.

Space for Rent: To a business or serious,
responsible person, with a lot money


  1. At least, he is refreshingly honest.

  2. My wife and I were in San Miguel a couple of weeks ago, and we too noticed that sign. I give him points for not wanting to waste time with unserious prospects.

  3. Don't those with mucho dinero prefer to own rather than rent? It's so much cheaper in the long run.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we're not sure he'd be our first choice in landlord either.


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